Criminal Matters Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out the current status of a case (in Prescott Valley jurisdiction)?
Either of the following may be contacted:
  • Court Clerk, Magistrate Court: 928-772-8277
  • Town Prosecutor: 928-759-3030
Can I have charges dismissed?
Once the Town Prosecutor takes a case, it becomes the State of Arizona versus the Defendant. Therefore, the state (not the victim) makes the decision whether to prosecute.

I am a victim and requested restitution. When will I get paid?
The Court sets up a plan for the payment of restitution to a victim. This may take several months, since restitution is paid by the defendant directly to the Court. The Court then sends payments directly to victims.
  • Bad Check Program: 928-771-3490
  • Prescott Justice Court: 928-771-3300
  • Victim Witness Program: 928-771-3485
  • Yavapai County Attorney's Office: 928-771-3344
  • Yavapai County Courthouse: 928-771-3100